Dad and daughter in the Wilderness – 45 days in canoe

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The video ”Dad and daughter in the Wilderness – 45 days in canoe”. Is from our trip to the northern part of Finland, with my daughter at 3 years and ours Karelske Beardog. Show what she do to play and have fun.
I will show he my passion for the nature and I wish to show that a child not is a obstacle. If you just take some account.

My motto is “The adventure start in your backyard” you just have to take the first steep.

I am a former special force, and live as fulltime adventure, whit speaks, books, etc. So I what to go from trips about distance and preferment, to show that my daughter also can come on expeditions.

We travel to the northern part of Finland, and travel 335 km total down of streams, over lakes, up, streams and down again. We visited one town after 12 days, from there to the end, we meet very few people.
We had all food with us, solapanels to power our iPads, cameras, etc. The gool what only to have fun and be in the natur.

I expected it would be easy to travel with my daughter. It turned out to be true, it was 10 times easier. We had less conflicts than in a normal daily life.
Can only say to the other, take on trip. But always remember to make trips on its own merits, take one thing at the time, I have many years of experience in the wild.

It was a adventure for both of us, and we will do this every 2-3 years in the future. Between my ours trips.

After our 45 days, my mother and a couple of friends whit to child come and the took 16 days more in canoe, just as a holiday.

I am sorry about my bad written English, hope you have fun anyway. Your welcome on my webpage, hop Google Translate will help you.

Her is som more pictures:


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